Man Defrauds Sugar Mummy Of N236m


A man has defrauded his sugar mummy 37 years his senior of £500,000 (N236 million) in West London, United Kingdom.

Christiane Shellard, 66, complained that her runaway lover had started asking for money so she gave him £700 to cover his rent. He then complained of car troubles, so she gave him a limit of £20,000 to spend on a new car, but says she was never shown any receipts for the second-hand Porsche Panamera he bought.

Cristian Mihalea, 29, who conned his sugar mummy with amazing expertise, then allegedly said his father was dying of liver cancer and would need a £160,000 transplant, which Shellard paid for.

He then asked her to buy a property he had seen in Brentwood, and she agreed. The money she paid for the house is thought to be around £500,000.


After the money transfer, Mihalea said the home had been sold to another bidder and he disappeared to Eastern Europe for weeks, Shellard said.

”I felt such a fool and embarrassed. That is what happens to women my age.

”I was never in love with him. I liked him a lot but was not stupid enough to think I could have a future with someone so young — I thought it could last three or four years.

”The guy I was smitten with was a monster. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ve been bitten. If that’s what ­happens when you date someone, I’d rather stay single,” she said.

However, Mihalea insists they were in love and that she had “gifted” him the £500,000 to buy himself a flat.

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