‘My Boyfriend Won’t Allow Me Go To Dubai With My Ex-Boyfriend’


Hello, my name is Lara, an undergraduate. I really need your advice about my relationship.
I didn’t know my present boyfriend was such an inconsiderate and egocentric guy, he had issues at work that affected his financial income and he stopped doing the little things that are necessity to me. He promised to take me to Dubai for my birthday but he came up with excuses that really pissed me off and this has been going on for a while.
The problem now is that my ex-boyfriend wants to take me on that trip and gift me with an iphone X and my boyfriend is threatening to cut off the relationship if I go. It’s not like we’ll have sex or anything, just a simple trip and he’s getting all paranoid.


Hello Lara,
Well, I will admit that your case seems hilarious. Kindly indulge me to quote a popular biblical quote: "Man does not live on bread alone."
What does that quote infer? It means that not everything in this world is necessarily centred around material gains. Yes, your boyfriend may not be able to cater for all your needs presently but that does not mean you should ditch him. After all, you already know why he is financially constrained, so why then hurt him; making him feel irresponsible?
Again, I am amazed by your behaviour and disposition to wealth at such an early stage in your life. If you can be this possessive about owning a phone and travelling to exotic places as an undergraduate, what would then happen why you are now an established professional who is married? You really need to consider the purse of the guy you are with. For example, if your ex-boyfriend, who you are suddenly dying to meet, becomes broke, will you now run away from him again? I am sure you do not want to be tagged as a lady who hops into the arms of one rich boy to another.
So, you need to be content with what you have. More importantly, you have to be supportive of your partner in trying times. Therefore, I will advise you to thank your ex-boyfriend for the trip offer but tell him no thanks to accompany him on the trip.



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