WhatsApp To Limit Recipients Of Broadcast Messages

Messaging app, WhatsApp, will implement changes to reduce the number of users who can receive broadcast messages on the social media platform.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, had a few weeks ago introduced a feature helps that will inform users of when a message is forwarded to them. The new feature is an indicator that marks it is forwarded right above the content of the message.

According to the Economist, the company has now intensified efforts to ensure broadcast messages are restricted to a small circle of users.

Starting from the end of the month, users of WhatsApp will no longer be able to forward messages to more than 20 people in one go, down from more than 100.

It is learnt that the change is already being implemented in India In India, with the upper limit of recipients being just five.

The company has removed the quick forward button from audio, video and images, adding an extra step to the process of sending content.


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