World Cup: Russian Police Warn Fans To Leave Country July 25


Police in Russia have warned football fans who visited the country for the 2018 World Cup not to stay beyond July 25.

Tags issued to fans, which also serves as visas, will reportedly expire on the said date.

According to reports, police authorities in the World Cup host country have begun plans to rid the country of foreigners from July 26.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian sport journalist, covering the tournament, has reported that some Africans, including Nigerians and Ghanaian are planning to stay in the country after the tournament.

“The Russian police are going to sweep the country clean. There are handful of Nigerians and Ghanaians, who want to stay behind in Russia. Some of them have refused to leave. I met a Nigerian; his return ticket was July 12. I also saw some Ghanaians; they have decided to stay in Russia; no visa, no document. They say Russia is a good country”.

The source also said Russians are saying the World Cup is like Christmas for them.

“Even Russians say this period is like Christmas. Normally they don’t drink beer on the street, but they have been doing so. The other day, there were two Russian fans wearing Mexican jerseys and were drinking because they want to get away with the crime. The police have said everything will return to normal when the World Cup ends,” the source added.

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