Cabals In Buhari’s Govt Working Against Him – David West


Tam David-West, a former petroleum minister, has claimed that cabals in President Muhammadu Buhari's government are no longer working in his interest.

David-West, an ally of the present administration, said there is a lot of suffering in the country, due to mistakes Buhari made in key ministerial appointments.

He specifically criticised the choice of Kemi Adeosun, the present Minister of Finance, stating that he would have instead prefered Udo Udoma, the Minister of Budget and National Planning, as the chief financial officer of the country.

“You are elected to change and you can do the change. He made a mistake in the first four months. The mistake is what is haunting his government," he said.

"The people, who he surrounded himself with, now cabals are not working in his interest. I told him before his wife went to the press, that the people are working against him".

“I have said it before that the economy is not doing well. People are suffering. I told him to alleviate the suffering. Give greater happiness to the greatest number".

"Let me be personal, if I were Buhari, the person I would have appointed the minister of finance is Udo Udoma, who is the minister of Budget. That is not a good place for him".

“The economy is not doing well because of the mistake in appointment. I am not saying the minister of finance is not doing well. I do not know her. From what I have seen on television, she talks well, but talk is not enough".

“People are suffering. I am a diehard Buharist, but I cannot close my eyes and my conscience to admit there is not a lot of suffering. And something should be done about it".

He also said he supported Buhari's decision to seek re-election next year, saying he holds the best moral credentials among the political class.

He added, "I want him to contest, because by our constitution, he has the right to contest and sentimental too. He suffered a lot to be elected. I have never joined any political party, but I support principles and persons. I do not see anybody in the political terrain that can contest against Buhari on moral turf. That is his greatest asset.”

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