Court Frees 100 Shi’ite Members In Detention


A Kaduna State High Court Tuesday discharged and acquitted about 100 Shi'ite members , who have been in detention since December 2015.

They were arrested following a clash between the sect and Nigerian army which left hundreds dead and many injured.

The Kaduna state government in March 2016, filed criminal charges ranging from conspiracy to culpable homicide as well as unlawful assembly.

Shiri Nyom, the presiding judge, freed some members of the group as a result of “lack of enough evidence” against them.

But the state government has opposed against the court’s judgement, vowing to file an appeal.

Hajiya Hikima, the state Attorney-General, in a statement said Kaduna views the judgement as “perverse and totally lacking in merit.”

“In prosecuting the case, the State called 47 witnesses and tendered several exhibits. The prosecution believes that a compelling case was argued. Therefore, an appeal will be filed to challenge the ruling of the court.

“Despite the quality of evidence placed before the honourable court, it ruled in favour of the accused persons.

“The Kaduna state government hereby states that it is totally dissatisfied with the ruling which it view as perverse and totally lacking in merit and shall appeal immediately to the Kaduna judicial division of the court of appeal," he said.

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