Ex-Adamawa Acting Governor, Barka, Ditches APC, Joins PDP


James Barka, a former acting governor of Adamawa State, has resigned his membership of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Barka, who announced his decision on Friday, said he left the APC because the present state Governor, Umaru Jibrilla, allegedly lacked the integrity to govern the state.

Barka, who was also a former Nigerian Ambassador to Malaysia, lamented the disrespect purportedly accorded to him in the APC. This, he said, was despite the resources and time he had committed to the state chapter of the party.

He said, “People should have integrity. When you say A, it should be A.

“When you say, Chairman let’s meet tomorrow by 11am; it should be so”.

“This is a government I helped to build, spending my resources and time, but today they hardly recognise whether we exist at all."

The former acting governor also accused the APC of failing Nigerians as well as enthroning impunity in the party, stating that it had the present situation had become a nightmare.

“APC has failed Nigerians in a number of ways. We left the PDP in 2014 because of impunity but surprisingly, APC has become worse when it comes to impunity” he said.

Barka also used the occasion a visit by Adamawa State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, and other party leaders at his residence in Yola to announce his defection to the opposition party.


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