Hackers Steal Data Of 120,000 Bank Customers


The Bank of Thailand has confirmed that hackers stole information of more than 120,000 customers of two major commercial banks.

The banks; Kasikornbank and Krung Thai Bank, reported the massive breaches during the Buddhist Lent holiday.

However, president of the two banks disclosed that no suspicious transactions was carried out.

Payong Srivanich, Krung Thai Bank President, said hackers used “advanced hacking techniques” to obtain personal data from 20,000 customers who had applied for credit online.

Srivanich said the bank was able to stop the hacking immediately after the bank’s IT Division reported suspicious activities of stealing data.

“Krung Thai Bank quickly had cybersecurity expert to stop the breach and therefore no damages have been reported so far.

"However customers who were affected were quickly notified," he said.

Also, Pipit Aneaknithi, Kasikornbank’s president, stated that the hackers obtained data from about 3,000 corporate customers who use an “online bank guarantee service”.

Aneaknithi said he believes the hackers were local bred, and that cybersecurity experts quickly blocked their access into the bank’s internal data.

“The data that might have been leaked was public information of the customers including company’s name and contact details.

“There have been no reports of suspicious transactions from the hack," Aneaknithi said.

The bank promises to compensate customers affected by the cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity operators at the BOT have vowed to step up security measures and oversight.

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