‘I’m Pregnant With My Pastor’s Baby’


Hi, my name is Sharon, a university undergraduate, am 23. There is this young pastor I fell in love with in my church. His name is Edmund, he is 25. The sight of him always sends chill down my spines. He is the reason I don’t miss out church programmes.

We got along, I made my intentions known to him, he accepted me irrespective of making the first move. I realized he doesn’t maintain a lasting relationship with the other female colleagues at church.

I later found out from a reliable source that he was a rapist and has had different young female members of the church as his victim. He is now known all over town.

I have been advised to leave him as he is a very dangerous person. I find it hard to be without him even after knowing of his misdeeds. The problem is I am pregnant with his baby. I don’t know what to do, please help.


Hello Sharon,
I must say you are quite in a very dicey position and it is not one which I envy you at the moment.
Unfortunately, rumour peddling thrives significantly in our society and it could really damage a lot of things.
However, I am surprised as to how you had sex with a person who you described as a Pastor. Were you both not meant to keep the body holy?
As to regards his behavioural tendency, I would have liked to know if you have informed him about the pregnancy first and his behaviour towards you. That should decide how he truly reacts to women; if he sees them as a common commodity or valuable persons to be respected.
So until you are able to judge his reaction to you, it might be difficult for me to tell you to stay with him or leave him alone. But since there are already very graphic stories of him as you claimed, then it might also be best to prepare for a future without him in order to keep you and the unborn child safe.


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