Magistrate Slams Lawyer For Tendering Fake Evidence In Court


A Magistrate has rebuked a prosecution counsel for tendering fake evidence before a court sitting in the Ogba area of Lagos.

M.I Dan-Oni during hearing into an alleged assault by a commercial bus driver, Olowolagba Sodique, on Tuesday, criticized the counsel, O. Monsurat, for presenting a masculine singlet as the clothing of the complainant, Rabiu Kafayat, torn by Sodique.

Kafayat had told the court that she had boarded the defendant’s bus from Ikeja Along on March 31, 2018, going to Toll gate and Alagbado.

She said on getting to Alakuko bus stop, the suspect told all passengers, including her, that he was no longer going to their destination after collecting fares.

The complainant further informed the court that she confronted the driver, who tore her cloth during the ensuing altercation. She added that the cost of the cloth is seven thousand naira.

Dosumu Olatunji, the police officer who investigated the matter from Alakuko police station, presented the exhibit to the court.

“This is a man-like clothing material. Let’s assume it belong to the complainant. This is an inner wear. What about the cloth the defendant tore before getting to an inner wear?,” the Magistrate queried.

“Prosecuting counsel, and you brought this to my court as an exhibit and you know the implication of this. I will admit it for what it is worth.”

The accused person admitted that he refused to go to Alagbado on the said date. He also said he exchanged words with Kafayat, but rejected the accusation that he tore her cloth.

“Every other thing they said is true, but I didn’t tear her cloth. There were a lot of people there. She wore an hijab on that day like today and I didn’t touch her,” he said.

Dan-Oni ordered the defendant to get a lawyer before the next hearing, which she adjourned until September 24, 2018.

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