‘My Terribly Lazy Wife Is Driving Me Crazy’


Hello Love and Life, I would really love you to quickly respond to my message before I lose my mind.
My wife became terribly lazy after we got married and I can’t help but think she pretended all through the while we were dating. It is getting out of hands and every-time I bring the issue up she gives flimsy excuses and end it with she’s not my maid. I’m really confused, how can someone pretend for over a year? This is the same lady that comes to my house when we were dating to cook, mop and even do my laundry.
If I try calling family meeting she’ll refuse to sleep in the bedroom with me and I strongly oppose the idea of getting a maid.


Hello Anonymous Husband,
Your plight could be quite frustrating and I can understand your concerns, but I still think that you need to be calm and think through your decision rationally.
There are instances when the behavior(s) exhibited by a particular individual during a relationship or courtship suddenly changes during marriage.
What I think you need to do is to sit your wife down and have a civil conversation with her. Discuss with her openly and let the conversation be devoid of rancour of any kind. Use the opportunity to find out why she suddenly changed her attitude to performing house duties. Allow her to express herself sincerely and take out the most important points from whatever she might have said.
I believe that such discussion would go a long way for you to understand her emotions and more importantly, improve the companionship in your marriage.


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