You Can’t Have Immunity If You Want State Police, Jibrin Tells Govs


Abdulmumin Jibrin, Senator representing Kiru/Bebeji federal constituency in Kano State, says immunity should be taken away from governors if they want state police.

Jibrin said the governors cannot enjoy immunity and have control over the police at the same time.

Nigerian state governors are immune to prosecution while in office.

The lawmaker said if the argument for state police succeeds, “you cannot give the governors state police and give them immunity”.

“After all who wants immunity? All the governors are saints, aren’t they? So if they are going to take state police, give it to them and take their immunity,” he said during a recent chat with journalists in Abuja.

He said his opposition to state police is predicated on most state’s inability to pay salaries.

According to Jibrin, “they (governors) cannot even pay salary at the moment. When you go and take a sensitive institution like the police and keep in the state, and you can’t pay salaries, state police might even turn out to be counter-productive”.

He added: “Rather than create state police, why don’t you increase contribution from your own allocations to the federal government to increase the size of the force. And they already have the structure and everything to do their job.”

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