Boko Haram Commander Killed Over Plan To Free Victims


A commander, Ali Garga in Mamman Nur, a Boko Haram faction, has been killed for planning to free some victims of the terrorist group.

According to a source, Garga planned to lead 300 captives into freedom before his plan was exposed.

The source said Garga also planned to surrender to the military.

SUNDAY PUNCH reports that Garga was killed on Thursday by other commanders loyal to Mamman Nur’s faction who got wind of the plan.

Garga, a Fulani man from Taraba State, was forced to join Mamman Nur three years ago after his cows were seized by Boko Haram on the fringes of the Lake Chad.

The source added, “The terrorist group trained Garga on how to fight and engage in combat operations.

“He also possessed an extraordinary ability to know the terrain because he was a herdsman. This made him reach the level of a commanding officer at the Mamman Nur faction.

“Garga was not interested in holding captives for ransom like others. What was paramount to him was getting his livestock back and continuing the life of a herdsman and being allowed to reunite with his family.”

The source said before Garga was killed, he was in touch with a foreign influencer who planned to rescue him and others.

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