‘I Caught My Husband In Bed With His Sister’



My name is Jemima, and I have been happily married to my husband Jude for 10yrs now, we have three lovely kids. We have had a very wonderful relationship over the years, until recently. I came home unannounced one afternoon to pick up a document I forgot only to find my husband in bed with his immediate younger sister, I mean his biological sister! Who does that? I confronted them only for me to be told that they have been intimate since they were teenagers. I am so confused, I don't know what to do, I love my husband and I don't want to leave him and he isn't ready to let me go either, but I can't trust him anymore. I can't even trust him with my daughters. Please what should I do?

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Hello Jemima,
I am quite aghast by your story. Not just because it affects you personally but because of the issue of incest, which is now gaining rise in the country. It is very weird to hear that extremely blood relatives have an amorous relationship when conventional law and spiritual dictates frown against such affair.
I understand your grievances against your husband and the sudden mistrust you have about him upon knowing that he had engaged in such amoral act for so long without your knowledge.
I would tow your line and advice that you do mot abandon your marriage. Since you have confronted your husband and he showed no remorse for his action, I will advice that you involve his parents and other members of his family. Inform them of the sacrilege that is happening between their children and mandate them to find a solution.
Your husband must be asked and explain whether he does not find you intimate enough after 10 years and three lovely children to cater for. It is absurd that your husband claims he prefers to find cosy comfort in the arms of his sister, and not his wife.
You may also need to seek some spiritual guidance. I will advice that you inform your religious directors so that they can help your husband overcome this precarious situation and also guide you both on how to handle this matter so that you do not escalate an already boiling situation.
You must also know that SPEED and URGENCY are of essence right now. Your husband would, naturally, be suspicious of your every move having discovered his secret and as such he might misinterpret your moves, which may lead to crisis. So, you must implement these recommendations quickly in order to quell any impending crisis and more importantly, finally get husband solely to yourself.


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