Premier League To Test VAR In Saturday’s Games


The Premier League will on Saturday test the Video Assistant Referee, VAR,  for the first time across several games, which will be played simultaneously.

Although there were VAR tests at individual matches last season, the authorities of the top-flight English League now wants to assess how the technology can work across several games being played at the same time, the BBC reports.

The VAR will be deployed at all the five matches which kick off at 3 pm UK time.

It was learnt that there would be no communication with anyone at the grounds at which the games are taking place.

VAR calls will be strictly limited to incidents concerning goals, penalty calls, direct red cards and cases of potential mistaken identity.

The group games trial is happening irrespective of the fact that Premier League clubs in April voted against the use of VAR for this season.

The VAR made its debut at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and was said to be largely successful even though there were some controversies, most remarkably when Argentine referee, Nestor Pitanna, awarded a penalty to France in the competition's final.



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