Three Unusual Features Women Find Attractive In Men


Usually, things women find attractive in men include a 'decent' face, good-looking arms, biceps, six packs, a good height and many more.

However, there are other unusual features only few men have that women find attractive.

Some of these features include:

Grey hair:

It is often believed that grey hair symbolises wealth and wisdom. However, this is not the point to talk about here.

Women find men with grey hair (just a speckle of them in the head or beard) very attractive and this might be linked to the fact that such women prefer older men to younger men or they find it unique and good looking.

The happy trail:

The happy trail is a thin line of hair that passes from the stomach and runs down into the pants.

Although there are no clear reasons why some women love this but it leaves them drooling.


It is believed that people with scars (healed wounds) are people who have gone through some tough moments and so they are stronger in a given manner.

Women believe that men who have one, two or three scars on their bodies have the highest masculinity level and this makes them feel attracted.


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