Young APC Presidential Aspirant Withdraws Over High Cost Of Nomination Form

Adamu Garba, a young presidential aspirant under the All Progressives Party, APC, has given reasons why he dropped the ambition of running for presidency. Garba said he was forced to drop the bid due to the high cost of†nomination form, adding that politics in Nigeria is played as an economic enterprise. The young†APC presidential aspirant who took to Twitter†to call out the party, said that the†high cost of nomination forms was meant to frustrate young politicians. His tweets on the nomination forms reads; “There is a clear dichotomy between intellectual preparedness & political participation. Iíve spent the last 12 years intellectually preparing myself to be fit to deliver this country to its greatness, yet I did little on the political space. This put me back to politics school. “Nigeria is a standard 7 stage pyramid state. At each stage, there is concentrated interest connected in a chain that forms the foundation of the state. As Presidential aspirant, you have to be armed with wisdom in handling them. Winning election is beyond political party. “Politics in Nigeria is played as an economic enterprise. For now, Nigeria, like other resource-driven states, is operated as a political entity. As it stands, the only business in Nigeria is politics. To fix this, we must all get involved in politics, then move it to economic. “Another important lesson I learned is that most of our political class today have been there since inception simply because most of the new generation refuses to join the political space. Thus, our generation is guilty of nonparticipation. We all must get involved.
“To win political power at the highest office, one needs to be deeply involved in the politicking within the established political parties. The truth is, with what I saw after visiting 21 states, itíll be a miracle to have any party win election outside established platforms.
“Nigerians do not appreciate politicians who derive credit by blaming others or insulting them. They appreciate aspirants that have the unique solution to our problems. Despite the difficulties, I further believe this country is more united in practice than otherwise preached. “I also learned that if Nigerians truly desire the greater country, then we must all be prepared to pay for it. Else, politicians with great ideas, excellent plans, and good ambitions risk been consumed by the dictates of their Godfathers. We must all be willing to sacrifice. “Finally, as I retreated from the campaign trail, Iím armed with strong believe that Nigerians are wonderful, lovable, hospitable & great people. All they desire is good visionary leadership, which Iím sure I have. Iíll process these lessons & come back stronger for our country,” he wrote.

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