Barcelona’s GM Blasts Vidal For Disrespecting Teammates 


Barcelona's General Manager Pep Segura has described Arturo Vidal's social media posts about his lack of playing time at the club as disrespectful to his teammates.

Segura however stated that he is confident Vidal will put things right.

"Vidal knows he has made a mistake and that he showed a lack of respect for his teammates, but I am sure he'll rectify this," Segura said in an interview with Sport.

"They show that he is a person who wants to become integrated with Barcelona quickly and who wants to help the team and that he feels personally frustrated because he hasn't had more minutes.

"He must work to have respect for his teammates, for the dressing room, for the coach and for the club. We understand that he is aware that these tweets have hurt him more than anyone, " he said.

On Ernesto Valverde's future, Segura said there is no deadline for making a decision on a potential new contract.

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