Diddy, TI, 50 Cent Others React To Kanye’s Visit To Trump


Several US rappers have turned their backs on Kanye West following his much-publicized trip to the White House to meet with Donald Trump.

Notable stars like Diddy, TI, 50 Cent, Talib Kweli are among those that have bashed 'Ye' on their various social media pages.

Diddy who expressed his displeasure tweeted on Thursday; “tell this NEGRO to give me a call!”

50 Cent also took to Twitter to post a photo of Kanye smiling in his MAGA hat with the caption: “Niggas be like Trump you made me Superman. LOL.”

Also, T.I. who could not hold his feelings over West's visit said in a lengthy post on Instagram, that he's been "extremely patient and made it a point to not jump to any premature conclusions about" West and "his antics," but said West's meeting with the president was something of a last straw.

He claims West invited him to accompany him to the White House, but he declined the offer.

"This is the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one's soul to gain power I've ever seen," he wrote.

"I refuse to associate myself with something so vile, weak, & inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of ALL OUR PEOPLE!!!!" T.I. wrote. "At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you... now, I'm ashamed to have ever been associated with you."

T.I. added, "Don't follow this puppet. Because as long as I've lived I've learned that it benefits a man nothing at all to gain the world, if to do so he must lose his soul. We just saw Mr. West's Soul on auction. If you listen closely you can hear the tears of our ancestors hit the floor. All I can say is... I've reached my limits."

Talib Kweli too tweeted: "This is why what Kanye is doing is dangerous. He is putting us directly in the scope of vile racists like @not_reilly1 who say that black ppl who don’t support Trump are slaves on a plantation. Considering the actual history of chattel slavery, this is a VERY racist tweet."

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