Man Auctions Girlfriend On eBay


A British man has been totally left dumbfounded after a prank he planned went awry after putting his girlfriend up for sale on eBay and the response was massive.
Kelly Greaves told Canadian news outlet CTV News he “wanted to have a laugh” at his girlfriend’s expense after she played an initial prank on him.
Listing Greaves as a “miniature collectible” on eBay, he described her similarly to a used car, including details of a “constant whining noise” and “a leaky rear,” he included a disclaimer: “no serious damage but you can see she’s been used”.
He shared the ad with Greaves and the two “had a laugh” about it — but neither was expecting what came next.
A bidding war began – Leeks said his phone wouldn’t stop buzzing from interested eBay purchasers.
Within 24 hours, the highest bid was at $130,000 provoking some stunned reactions.
After more than 81,000 views, the post was eventually removed by eBay due to infringing their policy against selling body parts and remains.

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