‘My Boyfriend Wants Me To Marry Him But I Can’t Stand His Fart’

Hello love and life, I don’t know if i can go ahead and marry my boyfriend. He pollutes the air seriously at night whenever we are asleep. The smell is so crazy that i had to run out one night. The annoying part is whenever I confront him, he gets so defensive and claim i’m over exaggerating. I saw a chat with his brother saying he’ll be proposing to me on my birthday which he is funding. He’s rich and nice but I can’t stand the mess.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Understandably, I get why you are unhappy with your boyfriend and your soon-to-be-fiancee over what I describe as a disgusting act. However, I do not think that you should separate away from him because of the pollution act.

It’s good that you have confronted him on the issue. However, from your description of events, I thought your approach was feisty. I think you should call him back, apologise for your attitude and then plead with him to sit for a conversation with you. Then, murky inform him of your disapproval of his foul behaviour and then suggest he goes to the hospital for a check up or better still, a stool test in order to detect possible medical issues, which can be treated.
It would be disastrous for you to throw away a potentially glamorous future over a minor event that can be amicably resolved.


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