Seven Things To Know Before Spraying Your Perfume

Using perfumes and other fragrances have become a part of many people’s everyday life. However, our approach to perfumes sometimes leaves much to be desired. Below are common perfume mistakes.

-Rubbing Wrists Together.

A lot of people spray perfumes on one wrist and then rub it on the other wrist. This is very wrong. Rubbing your wrists together does more harm than good. It limits your perfumes staying power as it bruises the notes in the fragrance. Just spray onto both wrists separately and leave the fragrance to work its magic.

— Storing Perfumes In Direct Sunlight.

Heat is a very bad on perfumes. It breaks down the fragrance faster and affects the chemicals which at the end, changes the scent. You might even get your perfume changing color and becoming darker when you expose it to heat. Now you know why your perfumes fragrance becomes less powerful after a while.

— Over Use.

A lot of people believe that more is better when it comes to perfumes, however, this is so very wrong. Using too much perfume can actually make it smell awful. Walking around in an overpowering cloud of perfume can be almost as bad as wearing none at all. Just mildly stray on your pulse points and youre good to go.

— Using Two Or Three.

Many people combine perfumes which in normal sense isnt too bad but what they fail to take into consideration is the fact that each perfume is manufactured differently and they all have different fragrance levels. Some are manufactured to have very strong scents while others are made mildly. You need to know this before deciding on which one and which one to combine. You shouldnt use two strong scented fragrances else youll end up annoying colleagues.

— Spraying Into Clothes.

Its not that bad to spray your perfume on your clothes but for maximum effect, spray on pulse points your body rather. Pulse points emit heat, which helps fragrance develop faster, eg. the neck, wrists, cleavage, elbows, behind the knees etc. Putting perfume on your clothes will still make you smell good alright but the effect of the fragrance will fade much quicker than when on your body.

— Moisturize Your Skin Before Using Your Perfume.

According to fragrance experts, if you want your fragrance to last as long as possible, make sure to moisturize before putting it on. A moisturized skin makes fragrances last longer. For better effect, use a moisturiser that has the same fragrance as your perfume. This also puts a stamp on the fact that you have to put your perfume on your body.

— Buying What Your Friend Has.

This happens all the time. Your friend, relative, colleague shows up with a nice smell and the next thing is to ask where they got it so you can get one for yourself. Before you do this, however, what you need to know is that how the perfume smells on that person will be different from how it ll smell on you and the reason is simple, body chemistry. So the next time you want to get something your friend has, spray a little onto your pulse point and see how the fragrance comes out.

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