Alcohol Damages Brain More Than Marijuana, Study Reveals


A new research has revealed that taking alcohol can damage the brain more than marijuana or cannabis.

According to the researchers, alcohol alters the structure of gray and white matter in the brain.

The findings came from a number of studies that featured at the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, held in San Diego, California, according to a report by Medical News Today.

The findings reveal that exposure to marijuana before birth and during teen years can affect a developing brain in several ways.

It said alcohol intake disrupt communication between different parts of the brain, while others interfere with learning and memory. The study also said it affects levels of chemical messengers and metabolic compounds.

However, exposure to a compound present in marijuana can improve memory in Alzheimer’s disease and even reduce some of its symptoms.

Compounds called cannabinoids, found in marijuana or cannabis planst, can alter the release of messenger chemicals in the brain and nervous system.

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