Theresa May To Continue Battle For Brexit Deal


British Prime Minister, Theresa May is set to renew her efforts to sell her draft Brexit withdrawal agreement - saying it will stop EU migrants from 'jumping the queue'.

She will say migration will become skills-based, with Europeans no longer prioritised over "engineers from Sydney or software developers from Delhi".

The prime minister will also insist to business leaders that her withdrawal deal has been "agreed in full".

It comes as some Tory MPs continue to press for late changes to the deal.

Ministers from the remaining 27 EU countries are meeting in Brussels ahead of the deal being finalised on Sunday.

They are working on the political declaration setting out their future relationship with the UK.

There has been widespread criticism of the draft 585-page withdrawal agreement - setting out what the UK and EU's future relationship could look like - which is set to be signed off at a summit this weekend.

Two of the prime minister's cabinet ministers resigned over the proposed deal, while others are believed to be trying to change its wordings.

Speculation continues over whether the number of Tory MPs submitting letters of no-confidence in Mrs May will reach the 48 required to trigger a confidence vote on her leadership.

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