Seven Things You Should Do Before Christmas Day


The joy of Christmas is overwhelming! no doubt, and the thought of it being just few days away brings exhilaration. It is a season that bonds friends, families and loved ones and workers simply look forward to the holidays. The joy of the season will however, be incomplete without a few activities to remind us why we so much love this time of the year. Here are seven things you should do before Christmas Day.

Go Around Town And See Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are some of the most beautiful things you will see during the Christmas time, so go scope them out. A good location is Eko Hotel Roundabout in VI, Lagos. The Christmas decorations at that spot every year is simply spectacular! So whether you take a walk around the streets near you or you take a drive, those lights, for some reason, have an ability to really bring out the warmth of Christmas.


Decorate Your Home

Some people say they hardly feel like it’s Christmas even if it just few days away. Have you stopped to think that it may be because there’s nothing around to remind you of what’s coming? It’s Christmas for crying out loud, and yes it doesn’t snow in this part of the world but putting up Christmas decorations sure help stimulate the Christmas feeling. So put up those Christmas decorations in your home already!


Listen To Christmas Songs

As the day gets nearer and nearer, the more the Christmas music should be blasting! Nothing else quite gets you in the mood for decorating the house either! If the melodious voices of Pentatonix don’t move you, Diana Krall’s Jingle Bells should get you jamming, why? because it’s Christmas!


Help Out With Charity

Christmas is about showing love, giving and spending time with loved ones, helping out with charity work should however not be excluded from the list. There are so many people who need a little extra support this time of year and it’s so fulfilling to put yourself out there and to help those in need. Whether you give out food stuff, cash or in any other form, truth is you will truly feel thankful for the opportunity!

Watch Christmas Movies

Fact is, big box office movies attract more attention at this time of year but a bunch of classics or hallmark Christmas movies shouldn’t be ruled out. So take the time to sit down, cuddle into a blanket and watch some holiday movies! It’s best when you watch with family and friends.

Go Christmas Shopping

Now, this is inevitable. The kids must have new clothes for Christmas, Dad wants a car, Mum needs a new watch, siblings wants new phones, uncle wants his house re-painted, aunt wants a new jewelry box, wifey wants a new ride, hubby wants new shoes…the list is endless. But while you try to satisfy everyone you can, don’t forget to spend wisely and keep some for the new year. Remember January is looong!

Go Solo before Christmas

It’s no doubt going to be a full house (except you are a loner). So before your little nieces and nephews start tugging at your clothes and the quietness of the house starts to fade, spend some quality time with and by yourself. You may not have the opportunity till the festive period is over. The most important thing however, is to feel the love and joy that comes with Christmas!

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