Three Things You Should Avoid When On Your Period


A woman’s menstruation is usually one of the most dreaded occurrence in her life and most times limits the number of activities that can be done during this period. While the need to stay in bed due to cramps or how you are feeling sets in, it is also advisable to avoid certain things during your period.

Although every woman’s body is different, so some are more sensitive than the others. But being informed on such things wouldn’t hurt, would it?


Do Not Eat Salty Foods

Salty foods contribute to the bloating/water retention that women feel around the time of their periods. Eating salty foods can also worsen cramps, so even though you might have the ultimate craving for French fries, some salty snacks can actually make your period symptoms worse.

Avoid White Pants

It’s strange how white pants become more attractive during your period, isn’t it? However, wearing white pants during your menstruation is definitely a bad idea! What’s the hurry when you can wear all the sexy white pants you want after your period.

Do Not Wear Same Pad for a Long Period

Now, this has to do with a woman’s personal hygiene. It is easy to be caught up in your everyday activities, but do not leave the same pad or tampon in all day. Ensure you change your pad every four to five hours or before if you have heavy flow. This way you will stay safe and protected during your period.

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