Falz To Release New Album ‘Moral Instruction’ Jan 15


Folarin Falana, Nigerian rapper popularly known as Falz is set to release his next album come January 15.

At the end of his music video for ‘Talk’ track, a still image appeared, announcing that the rapper will be releasing “Moral Instruction: The Album” January 15th.

His new track ‘Talk’ is a socio-conscious record that addresses critical happenings and advises the youths to be wary of greedy politicians.

The video themed in a video game format sees Falz driving around town alongside his guys while different scenes relating to the lyrics play out.

On the website made for the album, Falz said: “There is a dire need for us to redefine the concept of humanity and morality. There is a pressing need for re-education and re-orientation of the people. For this is the only way we can restore sanity​.”

See the tracks in the album:



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