Five Killed As Rebels Attack Yemeni Military Parade


Five persons have been killed after Houthi rebels attacked a Yemeni government military parade on Thursday with drones, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV has said.

The report also said several people were injured in the attack.

The parade was taking place inside a military base in Lahaj province, al-Anad district, when a loud explosion rocked the area, according to Houthi media.

High-ranked officials, including Yemen’s deputy chief of staff were reportedly wounded in the attack, the report claimed eyewitnesses have said.

The Houthi’s Al-Masirah TV said the attack targeted “the leadership of the invaders.”

But it was not clear, if Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates military officials were present at the scene.

The two Gulf States led a coalition that intervened in 2015, when the rebels attempted to take over the country from President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Last November, the Houthis said they would halt drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their allies.

However, tensions have increased recently over how to implement a United Nations-sponsored peace deal.

The Iranian-aligned Houthis and the Saudi-backed government agreed to a ceasefire at Port City, Hodeidah, in December 2018. The agreement included withdrawing fighters during a peace talks in Sweden.

The ceasefire was as a result of months of diplomacy from the West, to end the civil war that has killed tens of thousands in four years.

The implementation of the agreement was stalled, as it failed to specify who would control Hodeidah, after the troop withdrawal.

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