Five Signs You Expect Too Much From Your Partner


Knowing what you want out of a relationship is important just as knowing your self-worth. If you constantly feel disappointed in your relationships, you might want to check your behaviour or attitude as the problem could be that you expect too much from your partner or are overly demanding.

It’s still important to have ideas of what you want from a relationship but if you’re someone who is always having troubles in relationships, you might want to pay attention to the following signs.

Your relationship with your partner, friends, parents and colleagues serves different purpose and therefore you should know it can’t be of equal value. Your expectations become too unrealistic or may lead to some form of control if you believe you alone are enough for your partner and that he or she should spend time with just you.
2. You Can’t Seem To Make It Past The First Or Second Date

This isn’t necessarily because your standards are too high, but it’s worth looking at. If you are more aware of their flaws than their virtues or you find yourself picking at little things like their outfit or the car they drive or you think they are almost good enough, but not quite. If so, it definitely sounds like your expectations are unrealistic.

If no one you have dated ever has satisfied you enough, it might be you, not them. If in your relationship history no one has successfully been able to please you or do things that appeal to you despite their best, then the problem lies with you.
4. You Or Your Partner Never Feels Good Enough

If you or your partner are constantly feeling inadequate, it’s a sign that your expectations are not aligned with reality. When one or both partners feel like they’re ‘never good enough’ or are walking on egg shells, this creates a constant stressful, anxious energy within the relationship when the partners cannot feel free to be themselves. Over time, both partners may find themselves distancing or avoiding each other, or even seeking other places to feel accepted.

No one likes it when their partner is angry, but it’s normal for people in intimate relationships to have conflicts or disagree with passion. Expecting your partner not to ‘fight’ is a demand that they deny their emotion for the sake of your comfort. That kind of unrealistic expectation is very damaging because it deadens a vital aspect of ourselves and the relationship.

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