‘I Don’t Want To Love Her: I Just Want To Continue Having Sex’


Dear Love and Life, my name is Anthony. I am an undergraduate studying Law at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

I have an old-time female friend, named Josephine. Our relationship had been platonic until she recently returned to Nigeria from The Gambia, where she’s studying medicine.
She returned to Nigeria to reunite with her family for the festivity.

Josephine is a tall and beautiful Nigerian ebony, whose hourglass body shape can get one intoxicated, even without taking a liquor.

I noticed these attributes in Josephine when she returned to the country and I was forced to woo her on a week romantic relationship.

In this one-week relationship, we have kissed, had sex, and done all sort of things together. We both enjoyed the relationship and eventually extended it to two weeks.

I love Josephine, but not as a partner. I have a girlfriend I really love.
I am confused because I am beginning to develop feelings for Josephine. I don’t want no feelings.

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Hello Anthony,

Let me hit the nail on the head quickly. On this issue, you simply cannot eat your cake and have it. It’s either you stick with your girlfriend or you fully switch off and frolick with Josephine. Trying to play a double game will hit you hard in the long run.

And why did I say that? Scenario one: if one or both of the ladies get to discover that you have been cheating on them, they will end the relationship (or flirtation); meaning you gain nothing at the end from both ladies.

Scenario two: if you get to impregnate one or both of the ladies, how then will you resolve the issue. It is even more trickier if Josephine, whom you claim you don’t love, gets pregnant for you. Do you think she will allow you just leave her with the supposed unborn child? Or do you think your girlfriend would be willing to listen to such lame profession of love and blaming of the devil by you?

Since you have admitted that Josephine is not your ideal life partner, then cut off all sensual relations with her IMMEDIATELY. Do not get to engage or meet with her in such a manner or a place that may spin your body around into that mood. Avoid her!

It’s better for you to be with a trusted and loving person than with someone that you are just deriving temporal pleasure from, but not great happiness.


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