‘I Feel Like Dying: My Penis Failed Me’


Hello love and life,

I’m really considering taking my own life right now. I’m 28 years old, although I don’t have a job, I manage to live a comfortable life with the help of my family.

I’m not an ugly guy so I have my way with females easily. But something weird happened recently when my crush finally agreed to come visit me. We were making out and while normally, I should have had an erection, I found it difficult to have one.

She took her hand to my belt region and was disappointed when she could not feel anything there. I’ve never been so embarrassed my whole life. She immediately left my house and has refused to pick my calls.

Unknown to me, she had told her friends about the situation.

Still confused about the incident of that day, I decided to try out another girl. So some days back, I tried wooing a girl in my area, she declined and laughed as she walked out on me.

A friend of mine later revealed to me that news of my situation had spread on our street and everybody already knew.

I can’t go out anymore, I’ve been pretending to be sick just to avoid leaving the house. For how long will I continue hiding? Please advise me.

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Hello Anonymous Writer,
I am very sorry for your situation and I sympathise with you. The issue of low or no erection, even though it is a sensitive issue and very critical to the sexual life of men, is not and shouldn’t be a matter of public crucifixion and embarrassment. Let’s just say you were unlucky to be in action with an inane lady when the unfortunate incident occurred.
Yes, the lady in question might have embarrassed you but you do not need to lock yourself up and contemplate suicide just because girls in your area are inappropriately mocking you over low erection. Allow me to ask you a question: are they the only girls in the world? I am sure your answer would be absolutely not!
Your issue is a medical one and can only be solved by visiting a hospital to lodge your complaint with a medical practitioner rather than caging yourself over people who might not have achieved as much as you have. So, go visit a hospital and you would be given prescriptions on supplements you can use to boost up your erection.
At this point, I must advice that you do not just patronise any trado-medical practitioner or supplement just because you want to get a cure. There are so many products from that field being sold in town and you would hear claims of between two weeks, your issues are solved. Unfortunately, you may not know which one is genuine or counterfeit. I am stating this so that you will be careful in order for you not to compound your issue and lead to the rise of more complicated health problems.
So go out, get the cure and prove the ladies in your area wrong that they are not the only sheriffs in town, and that you are capable of doing the business when it matters most.


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