‘I’m Carrying His Baby But He’s Cheating On Me With His Ex-Girlfriend’


My name is Chigozie, my fiancé came home from the United States for Christmas, during which we had our traditional introduction.

He left Nigeria on December 27, as he said he had to return quickly to resume at work. Unknown to me, he did not go back. I could not have made sure since I could not travel to Abuja with him, from where he claimed he would board a plane back to New York.

After three days of not hearing from him, I decided to call his friend in the US, whom I know well. To my shock, he told me my fiancé had told him he would return on January 4.

Out of disbelief, I confronted his cousin, who claimed to be following him to Abuja. He then confessed to me that my fiancé had other private things to handle. He has since refused to pick his Nigerian line.

I later found out from reliable sources that he is currently in Port Harcourt with his ex-girlfriend. This is the same woman that caused a serious quarrel between us that needed a family meeting to settle.

This treatment is so unfair on me as I am expecting our first child already. Please what can I do?

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Hello Chigozie,

Let me, first of all, empathise with you over your present situation. I’m sure you are torn between the devil and the deep blue sea right now.

Unfortunately, you do not have any evidence whatsoever to nail down your fiance. And it would be disastrous for you to get drastic and call off the wedding since you are already pregnant for him.

My advice is that when you are able to get through to him via phone, register your displeasure and mildly tell him that you were informed that he did not leave the country immediately as he promised. Get the so-called “reliable source” you claimed to be present so that he/she can provide evidence that your fiance actually went to Port Harcourt to see his ex.

It is important that you confirm that he INDEED visited his former girlfriend before you take any action. And once he confirms, I will advice that you do not call off the marriage, rather warn him and also report him to his parents and siblings. They should be able to enquire why he did such act.

Also get him to sign an undertaking, backed by law, that he would not repeat such again. This is to help you keep your impending marriage safe since he is already exhibiting signs of infidelity. He would resist but you must insist that he signs the document before the marriage proper can hold.


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