Maduro Accuses US Of Eyeing Venezuela’s Oil

Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has accused the US of plotting to remove him from office in order to seize the country’s oil.
Maduro stated this in a four-minute Facebook video, where he claimed leaders of the US “empire” were conspiring to get their hands on Venezuela’s oil – just like they did in Iraq and in Libya.
He said since the US are unable to accuse Venezuela’s government of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, they were instead waging a media campaign of fake news to justify intervening in a country that boasts the world’s biggest crude reserves.
“We will not allow a Vietnam in Latin America. If the US intends to intervene against us they will get a Vietnam worse than they could have imaged. We do not allow violence. We are a peaceful people.
“I ask that Venezuela be respected and I ask for the support of the people of the US so there isn’t a new Vietnam, least of all here in our America.”
Speaking on opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, Maduro said Wednesday he was willing to negotiate with him for peace to reign.
“I’m willing to sit down for talks with the opposition so that we could talk for the sake of Venezuela’s peace and its future,” he said.
Maduro said the talks could be held with the mediation of other countries, naming Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, the Vatican and Russia.
Meanwhile, Venezuela’s supreme court has imposed a travel ban and financial restrictions on Guaidó, including freezing his bank accounts.

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