‘My Girlfriend Faints Whenever She Has Orgasm’



Hi, Love and Life, my name is Seye. I just met one hijab wearing girl and we both like each other a lot.
The relationship is going quite well but my problem is she faints each time she has orgasm and it’s always a scary moment for me. I will keep tapping her before she will wake up.
At some point I used to pray to God that if she wakes up I won’t do again. But each time I hear her voice on phone I imagine the hijab again which gives me a quick chemical reaction that makes me so horny for her. Now she has fainted again.
I don’t want to go to prison and I don’t know if someone can die through sex. Please advice me. I think am truly falling in love with her and I can’t let go.

Hello Seye,
My first reaction to your dilemma is Wow! This is quite a situation but do not fear, you cannot go to prison, so far you do not engage in aggressive sex with your girlfriend.
In terms of the identified problem, there are two factors to it. It is either she reaches the climax of sex quickly or that she also fakes reaching orgasm quickly in order to end the sexual encounter immediately she gets tired.
In order to discover which one of the instances is correct, you would have to engage in a playful chat with her. Ensure that the conversation occurs when you both, or her especially, are in the mood in a lively setting, then you can begin to skillfully interrogate her over the problem.
If the first instance is confirmed to be the issue, then you must know that she is not a long-time player on bed. You would, therefore, have to increase the length of your foreplay with her in order to put her in the mood and steady her for a long-term. You would also have to make your penetration slow and steady so that it would take a while before she climaxes orgasm. And immediately you discover she is reaching that height, I advise that you immediately withdraw to avoid the unnecessary gasping.
But if it’s the second instance, you would have to find out from her while she quickly wants you to get off her. There have been different tales of ladies always pretending to have claimed orgasm and begin to manifest awkward sexual excitement. It has gathered from experience that most ladies display such pretence either because the guy is not satisfactory enough or that the guy is too aggressive in his action and, therefore, want to quickly discharge him.
Make sure you learn from whatever she tells you so that such activity won’t repeat itself, which then ultimately makes you fearful while you should be happily devastating in action.
So, you must be able to discover which is her problem with you so that you can improve your “chemical reaction” with her.


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