R Kelly Considers Fleeing To Africa


Embattled US singer, Robert Kelly, popularly known as R Kelly is reportedly planning to flee to Africa, reports say. 

According to US investigators, the ‘I Wish’ singer is planning to flee the country amid his ongoing criminal investigation.

BLAST reports that the singer plans to “collect his girls and flee the country before prosecutors have a chance to charge him with a crime”.

The families of the women in his alleged sex cult are reportedly worried if the girls travel out of the country with Kelly, they may never see them again, according to BLAST.

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According to the report, the parents are reportedly hoping the 50-year-old singer’s passport is taken away.

It was also reported that the tips could be true since the singer has some extensive ties on the continent.

In 2010, he performed the 2010 World Cup anthem “Sign of a Victory” in South Africa, and he has been there twice over the past twenty years.

The singer also once appeared in Ethiopia, but he most likely will not be welcomed in that country, after this shocking video of him “recruiting” resurfaced on the net in the wake of “Surviving R. Kelly.”

R Kelly, for the past three decades, has been accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, having relationships with underage girls and controlling women for sex – including an accusation where he allegedly urinated into the mouth of teenage girl.

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Some of his colleagues who have worked with him like Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper, John Legend, among others have come out to condemn his actions. Some went as far as apologizing for ever working with him.


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