‘She Never Gets Angry: I’m Thinking Of Ending Our Relationship’


Hi, Love and Life, I am 28-years-old and has been in a relationship with my girlfriend for two years.

But what is giving me concern is that I have never seen my girlfriend get angry and we have never quarreled.

Sometimes I even deliberately provoke her to get a reaction but still she doesn’t get angry.

I am now thinking of ending the relationship because I feel she is only pretending and will show her true colour if we eventually get married. Please I need your advice.

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Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, I kinda like the dilemma you are fixated with currently. It’s a situation that so many male folks, including yours truly, will really like and want to have an experience of it.

While it is understandable that you would really like to know all the sides and shades of your lady in order to know her true behaviour, it is also good sometimes not to mistakenly touch the lion’s tail. You might not be able to bear the repercussions of getting her angry and she reacting in such a terrible way.

Also, it might just be her true nature not to get so angry, even when you are the offending party. If this scenario is correct, then allow her be and do not push her to the point where she changes drastically.

So, I say it will be illogical for you to call off your relationship just because your girlfriend has not been “mad” at you. If not for anything else, be grateful that you have such a calm lady by your side and do not do anything that will raise her temper. Appreciate her for who she is.


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