TY Bello, Tope Alabi Drop Joint Album


Two Nigerian gospel singers, TY Bello, and Tope Alabi have released a joint album titled ‘The Spirit of Life’.

Released on Wednesday, the 17-track album touches on praise and worship.

TY Bello, who is a singer and photographer, recently celebrated her 41st birthday and shared the story behind the album.

“This is a special day for me really, 14 years of love, 41 years of life and another reminder that 14 days after is perfect,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Even I came 14 days late but it wasn’t late at all, it was perfect timing. My mum was at the hospital to have me in the 31st of December. 41 years later I gave my self a deadline of 31st December 2018 to finish work on the project with @tope_alabi_.

“I did everything. Sleeping an average of less than 2 hours a day; pouring in everything, pushing everyone on the music production to the max ( sorry guys?). Today on this 14th its all done. I did my final tweaking.

“I’m looking at the body of work and all I feel is gratitude. This is by far the most important album I’ve ever produced .. 17 songs .. gifted like fresh bread of heaven. We literally worked on each song in awe an wonder of His song and the depth of the beautiful.”

Ty Bello regularly hosts gospel artistes to a spontaneous worship session at her residence. Her session with Tope Alabi resulted in the popular ‘Logan ti o de’.

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