How Consistent, Prolonged Anger Can Kill You Before 50 – Expert


Adedotun Ajiboye, a Principal Clinical Psychologist with Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti, has warned that consistent prolonged level of anger could result to five times greater chance of dying before age 50.

Ajiboye said this in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja.

According to him, anger elevates blood pressure, increase threat of stroke, heart diseases, cancer, depression, anxiety and in general depresses the immune system.

“Angry people have a lot of little aches, pains or get a lot of colds, headaches and stomach upset.

“The health effects of anger have more to do with duration than frequency and intensity.

“Subtle forms of anger such as resentment, impatience, irritability can go on for hours and days at times,” he said.

Ajiboye also said that anger could lead to compulsive behaviour such as workaholics and perfectionism.

He said anger produce a physiological crash, saying that the angrier one get, the more depressed one get.

Ajiboye said the source of anger could internal which is low self esteem, negative emotions while external could be workplace aggression, people around, low tolerance for frustration and accumulated negative emotions.

He said anger management are techniques normally use to control and reduce the triggers, degrees and effects of anger.

Ajiboye said techniques to controlling anger are cognitive restructure of thinking, assertive rather than being aggressive and use humour to neutralise anger.

He said others include show empathy, avoid provoking situation, saying that when one is angered, one should use the counting method to suppress anger.

Ajiboye however advised Nigerians to control anger, adding one should not allow anger to control one.

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