REA Preaches Love, Hard Work In ‘Levels’ Song


Although, Rachael Azubuike is new in the Nigerian music scene, but she is indeed an embodiment of talent when it comes to what she does best, music.
Also known by the stage name REA, a graduate of Psychology, the singer has continued to meander her way into the main stream and into the minds of her fans who have continued to support her craft.
Currently, her new song ‘Level’, which was released in January, has been enjoying massive airplay on radio stations.
Signed to Vageo Music Group, she began singing at her early days in secondary school and according to her; she uses most of her songs to express herself in the deepest possible form, yet simple.
Being the last child of her family, according to her, she learnt a lot from her dad. “In fact, my Dad taught me how to record my tunes, so l don’t forget them at a very tender age. I stuck to doing good music because I am very conscious of my lyrics.”
Aside expressing herself with song, REA hopes to touch lives positively with her music and start up a humanitarian network in the course of my music career.
“I have always wanted to touch lives positively with my Music and start up a humanitarian network in the course of my music career.”
On a lighter note for the ‘Levels’ singer, she loves playing chess a lot and she finds solace in listening to every genre of songs.
“I play Chess while l listen to good music and l like different genres as long as it has good sound.
On the acceptability of Nigerian songs globally, she said; “Now we can gladly say that we are collectively creating a global brand that will continuously resonate whenever it’s featured. Everything l have known now or before now has been instrumental.”

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