Five Things You Should Never Do Before Sex


People hardly talk about or give tips on what to or not to do before sex because sometimes it happens without a plan. But it’s important to be informed about sex-related activities to avoid some common mistakes that may hamper a good time. From protecting yourself against STDs to avoiding dry lady parts and embarrassing farts, here are five pre-sex no-nos you may want to take under consideration before your next roll in the hay.

1. Taking an antihistamine

Antihistamines work by drying out your mucous membranes to relieve nasal congestion… and in doing so, can also dry out other parts of your body, especially the vagina. Long story short, no matter how turned on you might be, your vagina will not get the memo.

2. Eating spicy foods

Foods can affect vaginal odour and taste, super-spicy foods can cause gas, bloating and farts that just won’t quit. What’s worse, the residue left on your hands and in your mouth post-nosh is notorious for setting genitals on fire.

3. Drinking too much

Sure, light drinking can put some people in the mood, but overdoing it can dull your senses – and may put you off the mood. Since alcohol is a known depressant, your ability to experience an orgasm may actually be diminished if you’re too drunk.

4. Shaving

If you’re a woman who prefers trimming her hedges, it’s best to shave the night before sex to give your skin a chance to heal. Shaving will exfoliate the top layer of the skin, making the area more sensitive. It can also irritate hair follicles, causing a pink bumpy rash, and can cause tiny cuts, which would leave your skin open to potential infections, such as herpes and HPV.

5. Using food as foreplay

 If you are trying to spice up the moment for you and your partner by engaging in some interesting foreplay, it’s great! But using anything with sugar in it as a lubricant (whether on purpose or not) can cause a yeast infection, as yeast thrives on sugar.

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