How To Detect Respiratory Distress In Newborns – Expert


Dr Emmanuel Jeffrey, a Paediatrician at Outreach Children Hospital, has advised parents to observe their newborns for respiratory distress to avoid late presentation and complications.

Jeffrey gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

He said that some babies are born with some conditions that could make it difficult for them to breathe well.

The paediatrician noted that parents sometimes overlook or trivialise symptoms which could help reverse any damage done, if the child is presented at the hospital on time.

“It’s quite important to recognise this early because it will help us save this baby and let us know how best to intervene.

“Most times they come to us when it’s late; we can’t reverse the damage that has been done.

“When time is of the essence and we don’t work with it, it takes a toll on the baby,” he explained.

Jeffrey further explained that parents can help identify babies with respiratory distress, if they are observant.

“You see some babies having grunting respiration, you see some breathing with their nose flaring, you also see some breathing with difficulty,” he said.

The paediatrician cautioned parents not to delay as they observe any of these signs, but to quickly take the baby to the hospital for a check up.

“They should not manage it at home, they shouldn’t trivialise it. They should take it seriously.

“Take the baby to the hospital urgently, so that the situation can be arrested.

“Some minor issues can actually be resolved merely by the doctor seeing the baby.

“Let it be for us to say, ‘Your baby is fine’, ‘Your baby needs to be observed for 24 to 72 hours’ or ‘Your baby is sick, we need to admit’.
“Let it be the decision of the doctor,” Jeffrey advised.

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