‘My Pastor Says I Must Marry His Daughter’


Hi counselor, my name is Enitan.

I’m a young, vibrant and easy going guy in my early 30s. I’m also a very active person in my church.

Through the help of God, i’ve experienced liftings in my place of work.

Just like a lot of people out there, i’ve seen relationships I cherished slip out of my hand.

And I have no confidant except my pastor, who often counsels me and give me advice.

But he recently called to tell me he would be glad if i could marry his first daughter. He told me it would be the best thing I could do for him.

I know the person concerned very well. She’s attractive to alot of guys in my church, but I don’t love her, neither are my attracted to her.

I’m confused! What do I do?

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Hello Enitan,
Well, this is one of the many cons that human beings will always experience in societal friendship and acquaintance.
However, being a member of a church does not mean that you cannot make your own individual decision, irrespective of the stance of the religious institution’s leader.
Therefore, you need to stamp your feet in a respectful way to your pastor. Tell him in a gentle manner that while you appreciate his recommendation, you are not particularly interested in having an affair with his daughter.
Let him know that while she might be a beautiful and respectful lady, you have not formed a bond with her and you do not intend to neither force the existence of a relationship nor bend to his will to be in a relationship that would make you unhappy for the rest of your life.
Respectfully impress on him that as a shepherd of the flock of God, he should be interested in the wellbeing of his congregation and not only his own personal happiness.
He will surely withdraw his request when you have put across your points to him courteously.



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