Politician’s Wife Accuses Him Of Sleeping With Daughters, Using Charms


Mabel Alli, a politician’s wife, has told a Customary Court sitting in Igando that her husband, Richard, has slept with their three daughters. 

She revealed to the amazement of all present that he had also impregnated her sister. She added that he had taken one of their daughters for an abortion before she got to know about his sex life with the girls. 

“After impregnating my sister, he took one of our daughters to the hospital to have an abortion.

“My 13-year-old girl also reported to me that he always sneaks into her room to have intercourse with her.

“I have caught my husband red handed on top of our third daughter. My friends and domestic staff are not exempted, I have caught with them too” the petitioner alleged.

Mabel also told the court that her husband of 41 years had also attempted to use her for money rituals. 

“He has taken me to various herbalists in Badagry, Sango and other places for money ritual; I followed him because he said it was for goodwill.

“I stopped following him to herbalists when the last herbalist he took me to asked me to come alone the following day but I went with one of our daughters.

“He told me that I should stop following my husband about and should run for my life as he wanted to use me for ritual or make me mad, so he can inherit my properties which include cars and houses,” she said. 

She alleged that he had used charms to collect money from her to fund his political ambition. He however lost the election. 

She also said he does not care for the family. 

“Everything rests on me, I shoulder all his responsibilities of feeding the family, paying the children school fees among other responsibilities.

“I beg the court to terminate this union. I am no longer interested because my husband wants to kill me,” she told the court.

However, Richard, who denied all the allegations, welcomed the divorce suit, saying he too was no longer interested in the marriage.

He claimed that he was the source of his wife’s wealth.

After listening to the submissions of the estranged couple, the President of the Court, Adeniyi Koledoye, adjourned the case until May 2, for judgment.

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