‘Your Talent Is Rare, You’re A Legend’, Danny Young Tells Waje


Nigerian singer Danny Young, who reacted to the recent outburst of singer, Waje on her decision to quit music over lack of funds, says the songtress’ talent is rare and she is truly a legend.

Waje some few days back, had complained bitterly over the lack of love in the music industry and how difficult it is for the real talents in the industry to break through over the lack of means to promote their music.

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However, Danny Young took to Instagram to say it doesn’t matter if she quits or she doesn’t quit as an end to one’s career in music does not imply an end to the fellow’s life.

He wrote: “U quit, u no quit, u are a Legend still. Ur Talent no be here and no be today?? I see things in ur perspective. Bigup.”

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