Protesters In Sudan Halt Negotiations With Military, Plan To Announce Civilian Govt


Protest leaders in Sudan have said they have broken off contact with the ruling military council that replaced ousted leader Omar al-Bashir.

They accused it of being composed of “remnants” of Bashir’s regime.

The military has said it is committed to handing over power and will consider a joint military-civilian council.

However, thousands of protesters have gathered outside army HQ in Khartoum for a meeting to announce a civilian council they now want to take power.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the group which spearheaded the campaign against the ouster of Bashir, met with the military on Saturday and was behind the announcement of the civilian council.

Mohamed al-Amin, the protest movement spokesman, said they now considered the military council an “extension of the regime” and vowed to escalate the protests.

The protesters want their new council to form a transitional government, leading to elections.

On Sunday, the military it said it would respond to the call for civilian rule within a week, and indicated it might favour a joint council.

It has, however, released political prisoners and on Saturday arrested a number of top members of Bashir’s former ruling party.

While the military has promised not to remove protesters from their sit-in, it also called on them to “let normal life resume”.


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