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‘My Husband’s Shy Of Showing Me His Nakedness During Sex’

Hello Love and Life,

Please, I like to leave my name out. I hope that is not a problem. I’ve been married to this man for six months now and I observed he gets shy of being naked in my presence. Even when we make love, he insists the light is off. We can’t even bath together, he insists we bath separately.

This bothers me a lot as I don’t feel it’s a problem if I see my husband naked. He’s not shy in other areas but nakedness? Lailai! He just keeps me out.

Please help!


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Your plight is very disheartening and I commiserate with you over your present predicament. As a newly married couple, it is understandable that either one or both partners would want to create an intimate bond and establish trust, which would help sustain the love and longevity of the marriage. Partners being able to see themselves freely unguard away from the prying eyes of the public is a special bonding phase in marriage and also helps create trust between the man and woman.

However, as you have narrated, the aforementioned scene is not the present scenario in your marriage, and I believe it is as a result of two things.

The first problem could be that your husband is indeed a shy man and may not have experienced sexual intercourse before he married you (which is a good and not bad thing, lady). If this is the case, then it beholds on you as the most probable sexual partner to help and gradually ease your husband out of his shell. He has probably not lived with any person who has seen him naked before and he is still in shock that you may get to view him like that every day.

Secondly, it might be that your husband may be hiding something away from you. And from experience, he is mostly keeping away from you the size of his penis- as it might either be too small or too big, which may force you to exclaim and begin to entertain fears during sex. He possibly fears that you would not be comfortable with him again during sex and that you both may not enjoy your nice time together. That is why, I feel, he may choose to have sex with you in the dark or just bath alone.

So, I advise that you have a mild chat with him when he is relaxed and enquire from him why he likes to get down to business under the dark rather and bath alone. You must be skilful and sensitive in your questions to him in order to extract the needed answers. Once you do this, he will respond properly, trust me.

You must then reassure him that whatever deficiencies he might have, you are not going to use it against him and pledge that you are going to help him become a better husband in bed and in all overall matters.




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