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Am I A Prostitute? I Have A Boyfriend But I Enjoy Having Sex With Six Other Men

Hello love and life,

Please help me I’m going mad, I want to know if I am a prostitute.

I am dating a guy and we have been together for three years now but I don’t enjoy sex with him I just enjoy us staying together and he is kind.

So I have six other guys I sleep with. I have these guys because all of them satisfy me differently, I have one that has a big manhood but he will never give you a head but I like his manhood, and the others can give head, kiss, suck my boobs. I even have one that licks my ass so well, they play different roles in my life but I love my boyfriend so much.

Funny enough, I don’t collect money from any them at all, we just have sex. So I want to know if I will be classified as a prostitute.

Hello Anyonymous Writer,

Well, a popular local parlance of ours says “na only person wey dey close to you na him go tell you say your mouth dey smell”.

That means that in this case, you must know what is ethically right or wrong. Only you can determine what you want to be. If you want to be a sex worker, then it’s your choice. But you should not be fixated on whether you should be classified as a prostitute or not.

So, live your life the way you want to, but remember: there is always a positive or negative consequence for every action. Always remember that, lady!

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