Boy Hacks Family To Death

By Bola Kougbe alex1     A boy, Alexander K, has allegedly hacked his entire family to death in their home at Tambov, Russia. The 17-year-old, is said to have committed the act while members of his family were asleep. Alexander’s grandmother, Vera, 67, his father, victor, 43, and his sister, Victoria, 14, were all found dead with multiple axe wounds. The accused had suffered depression after his mother died of cancer three years ago. He is also believed to have joined a sect after he withdrew from his family and friends. The friction between him and his family is believed to have come to a crux after the latter refused to borrow him 200,000 RUB (N1,087,320). According to reports, Alexander is currently being questioned by the police and is expected to face murder charges afterwards.          

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