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‘My In-laws Threatening To Throw Me Out Due To No Male Child’

Hello Love and Life, I’m in a very confused state right now. My in-laws are threatening to throw me out of the house after four girls. My husband is from one of the popular clan in Imo State, and he is next to sit on the throne as head of …

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‘After Losing My Virginity To Him, My Pastor Says I Can’t Marry Him’

Hello Live and Life, I’m really hurt right now. I’m in my late 20s and kept my virginity till recently. I decided to lose it to my boyfriend, whom I dated for about four years. We seemed destined to spend the rest of our lives together. I was too sure …

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‘My Wife Applies Anointing Oil On Her Mouth Before Giving Me Blow Job’

Hello Love and Life, My name is Emma. Before I got married to my wife, I did not touch her during our courtship, we only kissed before getting married. But I have a problem: my wife is too spiritual even in bed. Before she gives me a blow job, she …

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Help! My Boyfriend Bites My Nipples Like ‘Ponmo’

Hello Love & Life, My name is Jennifer, a 400 level student, I have a big problem that has been affecting my self-esteem. The rate at which my boyfriend chews my nipples like Ponmo is scaring me. The way also presses my breast is scary. We have dated for four years …

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‘My Wife’s Sudden Change Is Making Me Sad’

My wife’s family extorts me

Hello Love and Life, My wife has changed and I don’t like it. My name is Jide. My marriage is three-years-old. When we got married, my wife and I were inseparable. We would have our meals together from the same plate and gist till late night before going to bed …

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‘Is It Possible To Truly Love Someone That Was Introduced To You?’

Hello Love and Life, I would like to know if it will be possible to love someone that was introduced to one? My friends always try to hook me up with guys but I always end up disappointing them. I feel whoever I must love must be someone that was …

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‘My Kid Sister Dated My Husband, Aborted Pregnancy For Him’

Dear Love and Life, It has been very difficult for me to remain with my husband since I found out my kid sister aborted a pregnancy for him before we got married. I am aware she terminated a pregnancy for someone years ago before she moved to Canada. But both …

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‘My Boyfriend Insists On Tying My Hands While We Have Sex’

  My name is Jennifer. I met this dashing young man early June at a friend’s birthday party. He is handsome and above all, rich. After we spoke, I agreed to a date and it has been magic since then. He was so gentle and never demanded sex for the …

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‘My Husband Threatening To Expose My Nude Pictures To My Family Because I Flirted’

Hello Love and Life. My Name is Tina and troubled now. I have been married for a year and the half and my husband has been cheating on me, but I do forgive him. I got angry one day and decided to flirt online. So opened an Instagram account, I …

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‘My Husband’s Love For Big Bums Is Threatening Our Marriage’


Hello love and life, my name is Efe. I married my husband after NYSC in 2009. We were both in the same camp so I knew him to be a womanizer. I was shocked when he became serious with me after we met at the corpers’ fellowship. I was excited …

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