Court Dissolves 20-year-old Marriage Over Husband’s Laziness


A Customary Court in Ile-Tuntun, Ibadan, on Tuesday dissolved a 20-year-old marriage between Rofiat Sabitu and Wasiu over the latter’s laziness.

Henry Agbaje, president of the court, while delivering judgment, held that a man who wants to earn respect and happiness in a marriage must not be jobless.

He counseled spouses to learn from Rofiat and Wasiu, who could not cater for their children.

Agbaje, therefore dissolved the marriage in the interest of peaceful living and granted custody of the four children produced by the union to Rofiat.

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Agbaje directed Wasiu to pay N8,000 as the children’s monthly feeding allowance, in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.

Earlier, Rofiat told the court that she was no longer interested in being married to her husband because of his laziness and inability to take care of the family.

“I have never seen a lazy man like Wasiu before, even if there is work, my husband prefers to sleep and complain.

“In fact, people are beginning to accuse him of stealing in the neighbourhood.

“Wasiu is therefore, incapable of not only feeding us, he also doesn’t send any of our four children to school.

“Wasiu’s relatives are aware of his laziness and they did all they could to help him, but he refused to change,” Rofiat complained.

However, Wasiu opposed the suit and instead prayed the court to beg his wife on his behalf.

“I promise that I will take care of Rofiat and the children from now on,” Wasiu pleaded.


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